The reigning Miss Scotland has been accused of biting a male colleague and calling him the N-word

The reigning Miss Scotland has been accused of biting a male colleague and calling him the N-word

Reigning Miss Scotland Lucy Sophia Thomson has been accused of ‘drunkenly’ biting and racially abusing a male colleague at an Edinburgh rugby event.

The reigning Miss Scotland has been accused of biting and racially abusing a male colleague during a sporting event.

Security staff allegedly tried to remove Lucy Sophia Thomson from the Edinburgh City Sevens rugby event on Saturday in video footage taken by a spectator.

The 24-year-old, from Dunfermline, is the founder and owner of the Scottish Fashion Association and was crowned Miss Scotland in July last year.

Allegations that Ms Thomson physically attacked ‘someone at her workplace’ at the event and called him the N-word while drunk have since circulated online.

Businesswoman’s Instagram account is private.

Miss Scotland July 2022 winner Lucy Thomson; It is alleged that the businesswoman, 24, clashed with security at the Edinburgh City 7 event on Saturday 17 June, after allegations of physical and racial abuse went viral online.

MailOnline has contacted the Scottish Fashion Association for comment and Ms Thomson for comment.

The video clip shows a blonde woman in a cream shorts suit apparently arguing with security staff at Edinburgh’s Peppermill playing field, where the rugby match took place.

The bystander who filmed the footage told the Daily Record newspaper that he went to school with Ms Thomson, saying: ‘I know her from school. We gave him the watch the day before, we knew he was there.’

He added: ‘A lot of people saw it and filmed it – you just don’t see it happening. He wants to be the ambassador of Scotland. If it was someone else nobody would care but in that context it’s different.’

Accusations of racism have surfaced on social media since the incident, with one post saying: ‘This man violently racially and physically attacked our friend in public while working.’

The poster alleged that Ms Thomson bit the man in question and called them the ‘n-word’.

Allegations against Ms Thomson have spread on social media

The entrepreneur has made his Instagram profile private. Police have confirmed they are investigating an incident in Edinburgh’s Peppermill Road on Saturday, where the rugby match took place

Instagram posts currently on the Scottish Fashion Association’s Instagram page; The account was established by Ms. Thomson

Police Scotland revealed that an incident had occurred, saying: ‘On Saturday, June 17, 2023 at around 9pm, we received a report of a disturbance and hate crime in Peppermill Road, Edinburgh. The investigation is going on.’

A current post on Stories from the Scottish Fashion Association, which is owned by Ms Thomson, read: ‘The SFA is aware of the incident on 17 June 2023. We are taking this matter very seriously, and will provide an update in due course.’

Online, many have distanced themselves from the Scottish Fashion Association following the allegations.

Glasgow’s biggest student fundraising event, the GU Fashion Show, posted a statement on its Instagram Stories: “In light of the recent allegations against @scottishfashionassociation we would like to stress that GUCFS does not condone such behavior and we step away from our association with it. Taking back the resulting organization.’

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