Squatters set up temporary camps on Florida islands complete with elaborate treehouses

Squatters set up temporary camps on Florida islands complete with elaborate treehouses

Welcome to the Isle of Meath! Squatters set up temporary camp on Florida island complete with sprawling treehouses and a ‘welcome centre’

The island, located near the Dunlaton Bridge in Volusia County, Florida, has been taken over by squatters who have built structures on the island, including a massive five-story building made of scrap wood, and signs that even have a welcome center on the island.

Squatters have set up a makeshift camp on a Florida island that comes complete with an elaborate treehouse and a ‘welcome centre’.

The island, located near the Dunlawton Bridge in Volusia County, Florida, has been occupied by squatters who have built large structures on the island.

Because of this, officials from the Volusia Sheriff’s Office as well as the Port Orange Police Department, South Daytona Police Department and Florida Fish and Wildlife went around the island Saturday issuing trespass notices.

Island footage shared by the Volusia Sheriff’s Office shows several officers stapling trespass notices on the structure.

The video shows officers passing a sign with the words ‘Welcome Center’ painted on it.

The remodeled island comes complete with a ‘welcome center’ according to this sign

Along with a bunch of other structures, this impressive five-storey treehouse has also been built on the island.

Officers also found a large five-story treehouse made entirely of scrap wood.

One officer can be heard saying in the video: ‘It’s quite impressive to be honest.’

Among the island’s clutter are a large trampoline, a hammock and a wooden shed with signs attached to it offering rentals for $10 a night.

Throughout the clip, officers can be seen placing notices on the structure that read: ‘Trespass Notice You are ordered to vacate the island within 48 hours.’

In a Facebook post, the Volusia Sheriff’s Office said: ‘Parts of this island are overrun with campsites, trash, wooden structures, towers, even a trampoline.

‘For those who enjoy the beauty of the area, it’s a step back into nature.’

Throughout the clip, officers are seen attaching trespass notices to various outhouses and signs on the island

Officials said the move to add trespass notices is a step towards bringing it back to nature

Officials went to the large island near the Dunlaton Bridge in Volusia County, Florida over the weekend to issue the notice.

On social media, a local man has dubbed it ‘Meth Island’ after seeing him on drugs while visiting the island.

They said: ‘Island of Meath, I launch my boat at Dunlawton ramp and pass that island when you see people tweeting on the shore of the island.’

One person on social media labeled the island ‘Meth Island’ claiming to have seen people using drugs on the shore.

Another posted: ‘Would you go back and take them down? I hope so too. Thank you.’

Another said: ‘Who was making this? I mean meth is a hell of a drug but I’d rather be in the treehouse masters on meth.’

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