Mercedes Benz cars parked at Coogee Beach divide Sydney drivers

Mercedes Benz cars parked at Coogee Beach divide Sydney drivers

The ‘entitled’ parking act at popular Aussie beaches divides drivers into a specific description

A community has been divided after a car parked across two spaces on a ‘busy Saturday morning’

A driver has divided opinion after taking two parking spots at a popular beach.

The driver parked their Mercedes-Benz C-Class at the southern end of Coogee Beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs on Saturday.

A local took a picture of the car showing it parked in two parking spots and slammed them for taking up extra space on a ‘busy morning’.

A photo shared on Facebook has left social media users divided due to a particular detail.

A driver has divided the local community after parking across two parking bays in Sydney’s eastern suburbs of Coogee on a ‘busy Saturday morning’ (pictured).

Some aimed at the driver, claiming that taking up so much space was unnecessary.

‘Eastern suburbs Merc driver, no explanation needed,’ wrote one.

‘I jammed my car into his driver’s side so hard he couldn’t get in,’ wrote a second.

‘Entitled and a nasty driver,’ added another.

‘All that technology and still can’t park straight,’ wrote IV.

Other eagle-eyed viewers defended the driver after noticing a particular detail in the photo – a disability sticker attached to the windscreen.

‘Obviously the anonymous member who posted this will see the disabled permission displayed on the windscreen,’ wrote one.

A local shared a photo of the car on a locals Facebook group saying it was a ‘busy Saturday morning’ at Coogee Beach (pictured, stock)

‘I wonder if you’ll be so judgmental when you’re old and frail and find it hard to do simple things.’

‘We don’t know if the disabled car spots are already taken,’ wrote another.

‘(Or if) they’re transferring in and out of a wheelchair they need a distance from other vehicles.’

Another user said they could have tried to give the luxury car more protection, retailing for about $80,000.

‘I didn’t want some numbskull opening their car door to my paint job,’ they wrote.

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