Kate Middleton wears Meghan Markle’s signature £645 Aquazura heels

Kate Middleton wears Meghan Markle's signature £645 Aquazura heels

The Princess of Wales stepped out for the re-opening of the National Portrait Gallery in a pair of Meghan Markle’s favorite heels once again.

Kate, 41, stuck to the theme for the event and opted for a £450 Self Portrait white midi dress with a pleated skirt and a tweed jacket as she arrived at the London building, which has been closed for three years for an extensive refurbishment programme. .

As she arrived, the mother-of-three opted for simple pearl teardrop earrings and wore her thick brunette locks bouncy blow-dried. She opted for her black £645 Aquazura pumps, also favored by the Duchess of Sussex.

The Bow Tie Pump 105 black heel, which features a flirty bow, was often worn by Meghan during her royal duties. She chose the shoes for her first solo royal engagement, as well as for many other occasions.

Meghan’s Aquazura obsession began long before she met her prince. Aquazzura, founded in 2012, wasn’t a household name when Meghan started wearing shoes.

The Princess of Wales (pictured right) stepped out in a pair of Meghan Markle’s favorite heels for the re-opening of the National Portrait Gallery today. Pictured left, Meghan in heels in 2018

For her engagement photocall, she wore the label’s £490 suede Matilde heels and white Aquazuras for her wedding evening reception.

It’s not the first time Kate has opted for heels, having worn them for the Realm Governor General’s and Prime Ministers’ lunch at Buckingham Palace in May.

Meghan first wore heels to the Queen’s Young Leaders reception in June 2018, shortly after her wedding.

Meanwhile he donated the shoes once more for the Centenary of the Armistice Service at Westminster Abbey on 11 November 2018.

The Duchess opted for heels several times during her royal tour of Australia and New Zealand. In total, she was pictured wearing heels 9 times while in the royal family.

Edgardo, the founder of the brand, is rather a celebrity. Born in Colombia and raised in Miami and London, he studied at the London College of Fashion and worked for Roberto Cavalli at the age of 23.

Two years later, he founded Aquazzura – headquartered in Florence – and the brand is known for bold patterns and metallics.

Aquazzura means ‘blue water’ in Italian and each sole features the company’s golden pineapple logo. Sold in high-end department stores, prices range from £370 to £1,500.

Meghan wore the Italian designer’s heels several times during her and Harry’s visit to Australia in October 2018.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at a reception on the first day of their tour of Ireland on July 10, 2018 in Dublin

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex outside St Mary the Virgin Church in Frensham, Surrey after attending the wedding of Charlie van Straubenzee and Daisy Jenks on August 4, 2018

Kate wore a pair of Meghan’s favorite heels in May (left, Meghan wore heels in 2018 and right, Kate wore shoes in May)

Edgardo lives in a 15th-century palazzo with partner Ricardo d’Almeida Figueiredo, 46, who owns a PR agency.

‘When I started the brand, it was about Italy and the Riviera,’ says Edgardo. ‘There, you can see the stone pineapple outside the villa. Pineapple symbolizes hospitality ‘Then I discovered that in Asian culture, golden pineapples symbolize good luck.’

Today, Kate spoke all things art with Sir Paul McCartney ahead of the opening of the Beatles exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery this morning.

The Princess met the former Beatles singer and his wife Nancy when she visited the gallery this morning to officially reopen it after a three-year restoration project.

He was all smiles as 81-year-old ‘Macca’, who opens his own photographic exhibition there next week focusing on the Beatles from 1963 to ’64, joked about whether his wife would have been born then. At age 63, he would have been born in 1959 and assured him that he was.

The Princess of Wales burst into laughter after meeting Sir Paul McCartney at the National Portrait Gallery this morning, as he joked that his wife Nancy (right) wasn’t around when he was in the Beatles in the 1960s.

Artwork! The Princess of Wales looked radiant in a white self-portrait dress with a pleated skirt and tweed jacket as she arrived at the National Portrait Gallery.

Sir Paul, in his traditional suit and trainers, greeted the princess with a handshake and introduced Kate to his wife, Nancy.

‘Hello, nice to meet you,’ said the princess. McCartney told him that the NPG staff ‘were amazing here, they were really great’.

‘It’s amazing how long the planning takes, how many conversations go before everything,’ replied Kate. ‘It’s true,’ said the star.

Explaining more about his exhibition, McCartney said that it focuses on a very specific time period, 1963 to 1964. ‘When you weren’t even born’, she told the royal, laughing.

The door features 45 engraved brass panels, representing ‘Every Woman, All the Time’.

After meeting the artist and architect, Kate visited The Mildred and Simon Paley Learning Centre, which has doubled its capacity for students as part of the project.

And, of course, she learned about the gallery’s early years program as part of its commitment to improving the development of children up to age five.

During her visit, Kate was able to catch a first glimpse of some of the gallery’s new acquisitions as it reopens

The Princess of Wales standing in front of Joshua Reynolds’ portrait of Mai in the National Portrait Gallery

The Princess of Wales visited the Yvonde: Life and Color exhibition as part of her tour of the renovated gallery.

Kate appeared to critique the art on display as she toured the newly opened gallery

During her visit, the princess visited The Mildred and Simon Paley Learning Center where she met three-year-old Rania and her mother

The Princess of Wales shook his wife Nancy’s hand as she laughed at the ex-Beatle’s joke

Chatting to Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy, who wore a chic blue midi dress and tan boots, the princess shared a laugh with the pair.

Kate stunned as she stood alongside the Beatles star, 81, who made a joke about his 63-year-old wife being 18 years his junior.

Is Kate a Beatles fan? The princess couldn’t stop smiling with the music legend

As the princess shook Sir Paul McCartney’s hand, she was surprised as the couple greeted each other.

Turning to his wife, he added: ‘Oh, you weren’t either.’ Nancy looked up with a smile and calculated that she was too much before replying.

Kate was keen to ask McCartney how she was able to choose ‘what pieces you wanted there’.

Singer said she had the help of the gallery’s curator and her own archivist. ‘But were there any parts that were very important to you personally?’, he asked.

‘For me the picture of John and George is special, because they are not here,’ he replied.

The encounter in the understated atmosphere of the gallery’s gift shop was a last-minute addition to the princess’ schedule given that McCartney – whose exhibition Paul McCartney Photographs 1963-64 ‘Eyes of the Storm’ – was in town.

The Princess met renowned artist Tracey Emin as she arrived at the gallery to review the results of the extensive renovation project.

The pair were pictured chatting as Kate gazed in awe at the National Portrait Gallery’s new doors, a work of art designed by Emin himself.

Kate looked radiant with ringlets in her hair as she gazed at the National Portrait Gallery’s new doors, designed by renowned artist Tracey Emin (pictured).

Emin’s design consists of 45 engraved brass panels, each representing a woman

Emin led the Princess of Wales into the National Portrait Gallery through a door he designed

Kate opted for simple pearl teardrop earrings from Heavenly London which cost £90

The Princess bows to royal fans as she leaves the National Portrait Gallery after her visit

Standing outside the new doors, the Princess of Wales waved goodbye to staff and royal fans outside the building

Kate looked regal as she chatted about the three-year renovation with a gentleman outside the National Portrait Gallery.

Following her appearance in an Alessandra Rich polka-dot dress yesterday, the princess looked as chic as ever in another black and white outfit.

Kate’s favorite heels! The princess is often known to choose her Aquazura heels, which are also owned by the Duchess of Sussex.

Upon arrival, the princess sat with nursery-aged children who were taking part in a multi-sensory workshop inspired by the world of Beatrix Potter at the Mildred and Simon Paley Learning Center in Gallert.

Chatting with three-year-old Rania’s mother during the colorful episode, the princess asked about the child’s artistic interests.

Rania’s mum told Kate that her daughter ‘loves to draw’ – while little Rania looked so engrossed in her stickers that she was with royalty.

Glancing at the royal queen’s brightly colored creations, she pointed out: ‘Look at these! Like a buzzing bee’, as the child nodded in acknowledgement.

Kate then asked: ‘Who is it? Can you remember? Is that Peter Rabbit?’

Rania, who was still engrossed in her stickers, replied: ‘Yes!’ At this point Kate smiled and told him: ‘Very nice!’

The princess’s self-portrait dress is designed to look like a layered two-piece, with a tweed jacket and a chiffon skirt.

On her feet, Kate opted for the Aquazura black pumps she was seen wearing before the coronation

The princess got out of the car and shook hands with a gentleman as she reached the National Portrait Gallery

Kate marveled as she walked through the gallery, which will reopen to the public on June 22 after an extensive restoration project.

The princess’ intricate dress details include black piping around the seams and embellished buttons

Kate was seen standing outside the gallery critiquing a piece of art as she walked through its brand new doors

Her thick brunette locks were pushed back over her shoulders as the princess arrived

The princess kept her jewelery simple for the occasion, opting for a pair of pearl teardrop earrings.

Radiant as ever, Kate waved to royal fans who gathered to catch a glimpse of her at her solo engagement.

To accessorize, the princess carried a classic black quilted Chanel clutch bag, fitting her monochromatic theme.

The Princess of Wales brushed hair from her face as she arrived at the National Portrait Gallery

The Gallery’s Under 5’s Programme, developed in conjunction with the London Borough of Westminster, works with family centers and state nurseries in the area to encourage creative learning.

Elsewhere, Kate had the chance to see some of the gallery’s new acquisitions, such as Joshua Reynolds’ portrait of Mai.

He also saw Yevonde: Life and Colour, a new exhibition exploring the life and career of Yevonde, the pioneering London photographer who pioneered the use of color photography in the 1930s.

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