Fantales chocolate has been discontinued after 93 years, Nestlé said

Fantales chocolate has been discontinued after 93 years, Nestlé said

The iconic Australian chocolate treat has been discontinued after 93 years

Fantals, one of Australia’s most iconic lollies, is closing after nearly a century.

Manufacturer Nestlé made the shocking announcement on Tuesday that the chocolate covered caramel, famous for its film star stories on the wrapper, will stop production from next month.

The decision follows declining sales and the need for significant and costly upgrades to continue making Fantales at Nestlé’s Melbourne confectionery factory, the company said.

After 93 years, Fantales will close in Australia

“We know our decision to stop making Fantales will be sad news for many,” Nestlé Oceania Confectionery General Manager Andrew Laure said in a statement.

‘Many of us grew up with Fantasies and have fond memories of them.

‘Despite the feeling of nostalgia fantales have, unfortunately people aren’t buying them as often as they used to.’

He said the equipment needed to manufacture Fantales requires significant investment.

‘It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the parts we need to maintain it and with declining sales it’s not viable to replace it,’ Mr Lorre said.

The chocolate-covered caramel treats – which feature biographies of movie stars on the wrappers – will stop being made next month.

Phantoms were first created in the 1930s, when people flocked to the movies during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

To ride the wave, the chewy caramels were wrapped with ‘fan tales’ of actors and musicians.

The New York Times once declared it Australia’s most defining lolly.

‘While investing in the future of Fantales is unsustainable, we continue to invest in our other Allen’s lollies, including fan favorites such as Snakes Alive, Party Mix and Mintys,’ Mr Lorre said.

Fantales were first created in the 1930s – and for generations the brand has been synonymous with films, wrapping actors and musicians in famous ‘fan tales’.

Fantales will end production in mid-July, and Fantales will be available for sale while stocks last.

Nestlé said all workers on the Fantales production line will move to other roles within the factory.

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