Mark Schlereth SLAMS Bills star Stefon Diggs ‘for sitting out minicamp feeling hurt’

Mark Schlereth SLAMS Bills star Stefon Diggs 'for sitting out minicamp feeling hurt'

‘If everywhere you go smells like *** – it’s probably you!’: Three-time Super Bowl champ Mark Schlereth slams Bills star Stefon Diggs for ‘sitting out minicamp feeling hurt’

Wide receiver Stefon Diggs did not miss the Bills’ first day of minicamp last week, with his agent Adisa Bakary telling ESPN the issue is ‘not contract-related’ provides all the latest international sports news.

Stefon Diggs returned to practice after an unexpected absence last week, but Mark Schlereth isn’t over the All-Pro receiver missing the first day of Bills minicamp.

Diggs, who was waived from Tuesday’s mandatory practice, was reportedly frustrated with his role in the offense and ‘voice in play-calling,’ according to the Boston Globe.

His agent, Adisa Bakary, confirmed to ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the issue was ‘not contract-related’.

It’s not the first time Diggs, who played for the Vikings before being traded to Buffalo, has run into trouble with his team’s offense, and Schlereth, a three-time Super Bowl winner, thinks the problem is his.

‘You know what you do with a gluttonous child? All you have to do is beat him,’ the former offensive lineman said on his ‘Stinkin’ Truth’ podcast.

‘But all you have to do is baby him. ‘Oh, it’ll be alright, I’ll be the big man, it’s my fault.’ grow up.’

Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs ‘unhappy with his role in offense’ and ‘voice in play-calling’

Josh Allen says he’s ‘not sweating’ Diggs’ absence at practice and calls him ‘my guy’

‘He’s committed to getting out of Minnesota, so what’s he going to do now? Got your feelings hurt because of his attitude coming out of Buffalo? He sits outside the mini camp with hurt feelings. TURD and I don’t even know what’s going on. But you know what, I smell a turd. Hey if everywhere you go smells like it, you probably are.’

Diggs previously requested a trade from the Vikings in 2020 and admitted later that year that he wasn’t a fan of the team’s run-heavy offense — led by their now-former star Dalvin Cook — and even felt confused about it.

‘[The Vikings] It was geared toward a run-heavy (offense),” Diggs said during a Sunday Night Football feature that year.

‘I didn’t know it would go in. They will only allow me to do so much. In my view it would not be in the best interests of my career.’

Diggs certainly enjoyed a more pass-happy offense in Buffalo, with the Bills and quarterback Josh Allen posting his best three seasons in yardage.

Mark Schelereth sees Stefon Diggs — not the team’s offense — as Buffalo’s problem

Diggs had another strong season in 2022, totaling 1,429 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Allen said he was ‘not sweating’ when Diggs first missed Tuesday’s practice.

‘Steph, he’s my man… I love him. He is my brother. This does not work, what we are doing here, without him. ‘

Head coach Sean McDermott struck a different tone, initially saying he was ‘very concerned’, but was also effusive in his praise for Diggs.

“Sometimes you need to have a conversation, you need to communicate and I appreciate Steph’s willingness to communicate,” McDermott said.

‘And you have to understand, Steph is a valuable member of this football team. He is our captain and a leader. … and I love him.’

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