Hunter Valley bus crash: Groom’s parents call for mandatory seatbelts

Hunter Valley bus crash: Groom's parents call for mandatory seatbelts

The family of a groom whose special day ended in a Hunter Valley wedding crash that left 10 dead has called for an urgent review of bus safety….’so something positive can come out of this tragedy’.

Breaking his silence, Mitchell Gaffney’s father posted on LinkedIn about the importance of mandatory seat belts on buses.

John Gaffney writes, ‘Fifty years ago, seat belts became compulsory for all motor vehicle occupants in Australia, saving countless lives.’

‘Although my wife and I cannot do it on our own we believe that ultimately everyone who rides a bus should wear a seatbelt and be forced by law.’

The family of wedding couple Micthel Gaffney and Maddie Edsel (above at their Hunter Valley wedding) have broken their silence about the tragedy which ‘torn apart’ friends and family after the ‘glorious occasion’ of the wedding

The groom’s father John Gaffney, a former Victorian government road safety and accident analysis expert, posted on LinkedIn about the ‘celebratory ceremony’ turned tragic and the importance of seatbelts on buses.

Mr Gaffney – a former Victorian Government road safety and accident analysis expert – said he hoped ‘something positive’ would come from the tragedy.

‘It was a solemn occasion until the news came within hours of ten lives lost in a bus accident that shattered the lives of many.

‘If you could help lobby your federal, state and constituents (about seatbelts) it would be appreciated.’

Separately, Carolyn Gaffney posted on Facebook to the father of a crash survivor that ‘we both have our son for whom we are truly grateful’.

‘But our hearts go out to the families and friends of the bereaved and those who have been seriously hurt’.

Warrandyte Cricket Club’s appeal for a GoFundme donation was to support families and victims who are weeks away from recovery.

Daily Mail Australia understands that Dylan, a schoolteacher, and another guest on the bus, Melbourne real estate agent Nick Dinakis, were ‘hours from death’ when they were pulled from the wreckage of the bus and taken to hospital.

Schoolteacher Dylan Burns (above) was seriously injured in the crash and spent six days in ICU for internal injuries.

The bride’s mother, Caroline Gaffney, posted on Facebook that the father of a guest who was seriously injured in the crash said their ‘hearts go out’ to the victims’ families.

Mr Dinakis’ partner, KPMG accountancy executive Darcy Bulman, was among those killed in the crash, while Mr Burns’ partner Megan was injured and has since been released from hospital.

They were among 35 passengers traveling on the Linc Busline coach which crashed after hitting a guard rail at a roundabout at 11.30pm after leaving a wedding reception at Wandin Estate.

It is believed Dylan Burns’ parents Peter and Marie flew to NSW after the crash to be with their son while he lay in ICU and have worked for the families of many crash victims who lost their mobile phones. in an accident

Speaking on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show on Monday, NSW Premier Chris Minns said he felt for newlyweds Mitchell Gaffney and Maddie Edsel.

‘I don’t know if I should say it, but the young couple who got married did all right,’ said Mr Means.

Distressing new details emerged this week about the victims of the Hunter Valley bus crash (above).

Real estate agent Nick Dinakis, whose partner Darcy Bulman first died in the crash (together with the couple above), was ‘within hours to die’ with Dylan Burns but is distraught and now out of ICU and conscious.

‘I mean they picked up a bus, let their guests jump on the bus, drive without drinking, don’t even think about jumping in their car, so I really feel for them.’

Mr Gaffney’s LinkedIn post drew condolences from others who wrote ‘So sorry to hear of this tragic and terrible incident that has affected you and your family’ and ‘Deeply sorry to hear of your close connection to this preventable accident, and our thoughts and love go out to you. And with your family and the many, many others who have been affected’.

NSW Premier Chris Means says he feels for Mitch Gaffney and Maddie Edsel, says married couple ‘did everything right’

13 players, partners or family members of Warrendyte Cricket Club were injured in the crash, including their newly-elected president Luke Warren and his parents Jenny and Greg.

Greg Warren has been released from the hospital. Jenny Warren, who has a spinal cord injury, and Dylan Barnes and Nick Dinakis are among seven patients remaining at John Hunter Hospital.

Brandon Stafford, captain of Warrandy’s third XI, has been transferred from Newcastle to Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Warrandyte Cricket Club treasurer David Molyneux said ‘as a club our hearts are broken for Mitch and Maddy. We are aware that they are supporting all the victims of this tragedy and we hope they can move forward in their recovery.

Mr Molyneux spoke publicly on Monday to encourage the Victorian state government to donate money to the families of bus crash victims, as did the NSW government last week.

He said that of the 13 Warrandyte Cricket Club guests injured in the crash, four players and a partner were still in hospital and the club had sent money to get people home and was still ‘very concerned’ about Mr Dinakis in particular.

‘Half the people on the bus were Victorians,’ said Mr Molyneux, ‘we’ve already contacted Dan Andrews’ office.’

Bus driver Brett Button, 58, has been charged with ten counts of dangerous driving causing death, dangerous driving practices and careless driving (untimely death).

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