Weather forecast: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth: ‘Ice blast’ shakes Australia

Weather forecast: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth: 'Ice blast' shakes Australia

Australians shiver through the week as ‘ice blast’ brings snow and freezing temperatures to large parts of the country – here’s what the weather will be like in your city

NSW set for coldest morning of 2023 Snow expected in southern region WA set for heaviest rain of year

Australians are set to endure even colder conditions with freezing cold temperatures accompanied by snow bursts and even Western Australia will not be spared from the freezing weather.

New South Wales continues to record some of the coldest mornings this year, as snow flurries welcome snow to the Alpine region.

Australians can expect cooler morning temperatures over the next few days, according to Sky News meteorologist Alison Osborne.

Some cities recorded below-average minimum temperatures on Sunday, with Dubbo recording -1 degrees.

Residents of Canberra recorded 1 degree since Sunday, while Perth and Hobart each recorded 6 degrees.

Australians are set to endure even colder conditions with freezing temperatures accompanied by snow bursts

Damaging winds are expected in snowy mountain areas including Perisher (pictured) and Thredbo

Meanwhile, Sydney and Melbourne were slightly warmer on Sunday morning, recording 8 degrees, while Brisbane and Adelaide hit 9 degrees.

Ms Osborne said the Ranges and higher terrain could expect cooler temperatures in the coming days, with snow in the forecast.

‘Showers continue over the Rangers and slopes and a cooler westerly change will punch the coastline but expect most areas to remain dry otherwise,’ he said.

A ‘damaging wind warning remains in place’ across New South Wales with snowy mountains including Perisher and Thredbo, with some gusty winds expected on higher ground around the 1100m mark at ski resort level.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast average wind speeds of 80 to 90 km/h, with gusts of up to 125 km/h expected in alpine regions above 1900 meters from late Sunday night.

Winds are expected to ease below warning thresholds early Monday afternoon.

Ms Osborne said there was a chance of snow from Sunday afternoon into Monday morning as a cold front continued to form across the south.

‘A high pressure system will move in from the west and it will clear conditions with south to south easterly winds,’ Ms Osborne said.

‘That means it will be cold, it will be clear and it will be cold.

‘These cold fronts will drop some rain in South Australia this afternoon (Sunday) into tonight, with rain and small hail in that border region towards western Victoria.

‘The system now pushes into the Melbourne region and by tomorrow morning the intensity of the rain will increase and the snow level will decrease with the temperature.’

A bushwalker warning is in place for parts of Tasmania as low-level snow warnings continue on Sunday and Monday.

‘Bush walkers are advised that there is a chance of snow up to 700m on Sunday evening, falling to 500m on Monday,’ the bureau warned.

‘These hazardous conditions are expected to occur in parts of the Western and Central Plateau forecast districts.’

Ms Osborne said the snow was going to be ‘quite widespread’ across Tasmania.

“Tasmania is seeing 700m to 400m of snow, which could disrupt transport in some southern areas,” he said.

A damaging wind warning is in place for parts of southern New South Wales

Meanwhile, residents of Western Australia can expect heavy rainfall in the coming days.

“Over the next few days we will see some of the heaviest June rain in years in Exmouth Bay and possible rain in some pockets of the western Pilbara, including Exmouth and Karratha,” Ms Osborne said.

Perth will reach a top of 17 degrees on Sunday.

The bureau has forecast widespread snow across coastal NSW and Victoria on Wednesday

Weather in your city


Monday: Sunny, Low 11 High 23.

Tuesday: Sunny, low 9 high 21.

Wednesday: Sunny, low 8 high 21.

Thursday: Partly Cloudy Low 10 High 22


Monday: Mostly sunny, with a low of 19 and a high of 32

Tuesday: Mostly sunny with a low of 21 and a high of 32

Wednesday: Mostly sunny with a low of 21 and a high of 31.

Thursday: Partly cloudy with a low of 21, a high of 31


Monday: A shower or two developing, low 0 high 10.

Tuesday: Morning frost, sunny, low 3 high 11.

Wednesday: Morning snow, mostly sunny, low -4 high 11.

Thursday: Morning snow, late showers, low -1 high 11.


Monday: Sunny, low 5 high 18.

Tuesday: Sunny, low 7 high 16.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy, low 6 high 16.

Thursday: Late showers, low 7 high 17.


Monday: Sunny, Low 5, High 17.

Tuesday: Showers, low 8, high 16.

Wednesday: A shower or two, low 7 high 17.

Thursday: Increasing rain, low 8 high 17.


Monday: Showers easy, low 10 high 14.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, low 8, high 15.

Wednesday: Rain, low 9 high 14.

Thursday: Rain, low 9 high 14.


Monday: Showers, low 7, high 11.

Tuesday: Cloudy, low 5, high 12.

Wednesday: Cloudy, low 4 high 12.

Thursday: Increasing rain, low 6 high 12.


Monday: Partly cloudy, low 5 high 11.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, low 4 high 11.

Wednesday: Cloudy, low 3 high 12.

Thursday: Shower or two, min 4, max 12.

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