Transitioning woman, 18, sues Kaiser Permanente for ‘pushing’ her into gender reassignment surgery

Transitioning woman, 18, sues Kaiser Permanente for 'pushing' her into gender reassignment surgery

A young estranged woman who is suing the medical professionals responsible for her transition claims doctors spent just 75 minutes examining her before starting the life-changing ordeal – when she was just 12 years old.

Kayla Lovdahl, now 18, filed the lawsuit last week in California’s San Joaquin County Superior Court, accusing multiple Bay Area professionals of fast-tracking her treatment — while dismissing factors like her poor mental health.

It specifically named doctors Lisa Christine Taylor, Winnie Mao Yu Tong, Suzanne Watson and Myrna Escalante as defendants, for providing Lovdahl with puberty blockers, testosterone and a double mastectomy in the space of just a few months.

Instead of warning Lovdahl about the urgency of treatment — or advising him to explore his gender issues through psychotherapy — providers automatically, and mistakenly, declared the young man transgender, the suit claims.

The sensational suit also names – which comes among a growing chorus of ‘de-transitioning’ young people expressing regret for their life choices – the hospital that removed her breasts, and the provider who presided over the six-month process.

Now 18, Kayla Lovdahl is suing the medical professionals responsible for her transformation more than five years ago — claiming doctors spent just 75 minutes examining her before beginning the life-changing ordeal.

‘This case is about a group of doctors who decide to experiment with harmful, simulated gender reassignment [Lovdahl]Then a vulnerable twelve-year-old girl struggling with complex mental health co-morbidities,’ the 35-page filing reads.

‘[Lovdahl] In need of care, attention, and psychotherapy,’ Norkal medical officials are believed to have mishandled the situation. ‘Cross-sex is not hormones and mutilation surgery.’

Lovdahl — who goes by the pseudonym Laya Jean — finally regretted the decision she and her doctors made last year when she was 17, the lawsuit goes on to explain how Lovdahl would move on.

Forced to undergo psychotherapy sessions to undo the emotional damage caused by the procedure, Lovdahl and his lawyers wrote that their prognosis was premature—and that the then-dominant Pritin had ‘falsely believed’ that he was transgender.

To come to this conclusion, the lawsuit states, clinical psychologist Watson — who also serves as clinical director of the Kaiser Foundation Hospital’s ‘Transgender Clinic’ at Oakland Medical Center — conducted a single, 75-minute transition assessment.

During the sit-down, Watson reportedly did not disclose any of the chronic health risks associated with taking a young child ‘off-label puberty blockers and high doses of powerful male hormone drugs’ – after Lovedahl was transgender.

Taylor and Tong, an endocrinologist and plastic surgeon employed under the umbrella of the Oakland-based hospital system, all agreed with their colleagues’ assessment, starting her on puberty blockers and testosterone at age 12 and performing a double mastectomy a few months later.

The trio, the lawsuit claims, were ‘immediately, and negligently, affirmed [Lovdahl’s] Self-diagnosed transgenderism without adequate psychological evaluation, and ‘failure to inform [Lovdahl] Significantly increased risk of suicide that persists after completion of transfer.’

Sensationally, the lawsuit also states that after meeting Taylor, the trio forced Lovdahl and her parents to seek treatment – in part warning the family that ‘a living son is better than a dead daughter’. Mental health issues that led them to practice based in Oakland. reached out to Temm for comment — as well as a fourth Kaiser doctor named in the lawsuit, pediatric endocrinologist Escalante, who referred the family to the trio in the first place.

Years after her double mastectomy at age 13, Lovdahl now says the procedure left her with ‘deep physical and emotional scars and severe regret’

The lawsuit states that after a 75-minute meeting with psychologist Taylor, the trio forced Lovdahl and his parents to seek treatment, telling the family ‘it’s better to have a living son than a dead daughter.’

As a child, Lovdahl suffered from severe mental illness, which she believes doctors ignored as they pressured her to become transgender.

Her lawsuit condemned the system that allowed her to undergo invasive surgery at such a young age.

‘There is no field of medicine where doctors would surgically remove a perfectly healthy body part and deliberately induce a morbid state of pituitary gland malfunction based on the wishes of a young patient,’ it said.

After the detransition, she said she began regular psychotherapy sessions for her mental health, ‘which she should have been taking care of all along,’ the lawsuit said.

Lovdahl adds, ‘Most cross-gender-identified children, if initially treated in adolescence, are at risk of regretting the decision after they are old enough to realize the loss.’

He said the ordeal had left him with ‘deep physical and emotional scars and severe remorse’.

She also claims that the hospital and doctors did not provide her and her parents with proper ‘informed consent’ to initiate therapy sessions, which she says were never given.

In a statement, her lawyers criticized the procedure as ‘a demented form of child abuse’.

Attorney Charles Limandri said, ‘We believe that lawsuits like this are the best way to stop them, especially in liberal states like California, where reckless ideologues are pushing this radical agenda.’

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals has been contacted by for comment.

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