NSW Police dog bites teenager’s arm after boy flees police during South Kempsey arrest

NSW Police dog bites teenager's arm after boy flees police during South Kempsey arrest

Horrifying moment teenager screams in agony as police dog sinks teeth into his arm – boy is pinned down during dramatic arrest

Teenager is brought down by police dog after escaping arrest He is treated by paramedics for injuries to his arm

Horrifying footage captures the moment a police dog bites a teenager’s arm during a dramatic arrest.

Police were following up on an incident when they went to a house on Reginald Ward Street, South Kempsey, north of Port Macquarie, just before 1am on Thursday.

Three juveniles, one under the age of 14, were arrested and a 16-year-old allegedly fled the scene.

A teenager has been caught on camera screaming in pain after being bitten by a police dog while fleeing arrest in South Kempsey.

He was arrested on neighboring Robert Eggins Street after a police dog bit his right arm and brought him to the ground.

A local police officer filmed the arrest with video of the teenager screaming in agony as he tried to release the dog in his arms.

The teenager is seen lying on his stomach with two men, a uniformed officer, sitting on top of him and the dog still biting his arm.

He can be heard screaming in pain and repeating ‘my hand’ as the officer tells him to ‘stay still’.

The officer put his foot behind the teenager’s elbow as he tried to get the dog to release his arm.

After being asked to put his hands behind his back, the teenager is heard saying: ‘I can’t move my hands’.

‘(They) don’t even know how to control their own dogs,’ the cameraman is heard saying as the police dog continues to bark at the teenager.

‘Go away mate, get out of here,’ the officer then tells the cameraman before a second police officer approaches and forces him away from the scene.

The teenager had to be treated for injuries at Kempsey Hospital before being released by police for further investigation

A NSW Police spokeswoman confirmed the teenager was one of four people arrested during the police investigation.

‘Three juveniles were arrested from the unit, and one juvenile – a 16-year-old – fled the scene,’ he said.

‘The 16-year-old boy was arrested nearby with the help of a dog unit.

‘NSW Ambulance paramedics treated the 16-year-old boy in custody for hand injuries before taking him to Kempsey Hospital.’

Three juveniles, including a 16-year-old, were released pending further investigation while a 14-year-old was charged with aggravated burglary at the company causing property damage of less than or equal to $60,000.

He has been granted bail and will appear in the Children’s Court on August 9.

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