Biden, Jill, Kamala and Doug will hit America’s wealthiest cities begging for campaign cash

Biden, Jill, Kamala and Doug will hit America's wealthiest cities begging for campaign cash

It’s all over for Team Biden over the next two weeks as Joe, Jill, Kamala and Doug head to America’s wealthiest cities to raise much-needed campaign cash ahead of a crucial June 30th fundraising deadline.

Four countries will criss-cross the affluent neighborhoods of New York, Chicago, Dallas, Aspen, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

President Joe Biden’s campaign, so far, has not announced any details on how much money it has raised, but will have to do so after June 30, which is the end of the second quarter fundraising deadline.

The team of four will have no problem raising the money – the question is whether they will have an impressive first number when the total is finally revealed.

A strong number could put to bed lingering questions about whether Democrats are fully backing Biden because of previous concerns about his age. He is the oldest president ever elected. If he wins a second term, he will be 86 when it ends.

The four are holding nearly two dozen fundraisers before the end of the month to cram a campaign fund full of cash.

First Lady Jill Biden kicked off this week with a three-day trip to New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, where she attended multiple fundraisers and hit out at Donald Trump to donors.

In his Manhattan appearance, he slammed Trump supporters for supporting the former president through his federal indictment.

“They don’t care about complaints. So it’s a little shocking, I think,’ he said, according to Wire reporters who attended the event.

Jill Biden appealed to donors in Washington DC on Thursday evening with actress Eva Longoria.

President Joe Biden heads to San Francisco on Monday and also has fundraisers on his schedule in Chicago and New York. He lives in Chevy Chase, Md., an affluent suburb of Washington DC.

Vice President Kamala Harris will hit donors in Denver and Dallas while Doug Emhoff will do the same in Aspen.

The Biden campaign argues that they’ve focused on a range of metrics. Obviously, fundraising is important, but we’re really starting to lift and get traction with our message. And our campaign message was a huge part of that from the start,’ an official told

The campaign declined to provide other metrics or their internal fundraising goals.

The Biden campaign has some advantages, including joint fundraising agreements with 50 state parties.

Additionally, Biden is expected to easily win his party’s nomination and — unlike Republicans — won’t have to go through a grueling and expensive primary process.

“While MAGA Republicans burn cash in their primaries, competing for whose agenda is the most extreme, the presidential campaign will capitalize on the opportunity to raise significant resources that will help expand our winning 2020 Biden coalition,” Biden-Harris campaign manager Julie Rodriguez told He said this in the statement.

‘Combined with our strong grassroots fundraising network, there have never been more powerful fundraising tools with longer runways in a campaign, and with freedom and democracy in this election – we want to use them,’ he said.

Actress Eva Longoria joined Joe and Jill Biden at the White House on Thursday night — earlier that evening she attended a fundraiser with the first lady.

Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff will also be hitting the fundraising trail in the next few weeks

Soon after Biden announced in April that he would seek a second term, donors expressed concern that he was not doing enough to raise billions to run a modern presidential campaign.

Biden planned to release campaign fundraising totals 48 hours after Biden officially announced, a source told Bloomberg News. That number was never published.

And four policies have raised some funds since Biden announced his re-election bid.

Biden attended two fundraisers in New York and one in Las Vegas last month. Harris raised money in Atlanta and New York.

President Biden, Jill Biden, Harris and Emhoff have all sent emails and texts to supporters asking for financial support.

Republican candidates, meanwhile, have bragged about their fundraising prowess as they compete against each other for the GOP presidential nomination.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis raised $8.2 million in fundraising within 24 hours of announcing his candidacy for president, his campaign announced.

And Donald Trump raised $7 million within 24 hours of being indicted on federal charges related to his possession of classified documents.

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