Exclusive Police raid TikTok ‘prankster’s’ flat as furor grows over clip of him storming home

Exclusive Police raid TikTok 'prankster's' flat as furor grows over clip of him storming home

Police officers today swooped on a teenager’s flat after a despicable TikTok ‘prank’ stole a woman’s dog, ripped up library books and jumped into strangers’ cars.

Bakari Ogaro, an 18-year-old from Stoke Newington, north London, known as ‘Mizzi’, has expressed his displeasure after storming a random family home with a group of other youths.

This is one of several disturbing videos where he harasses people. In his latest sick prank, he finds himself stealing an elderly woman’s dog and running away laughing. He later returns the animal to its owner, who is visibly distressed.

Two police officers arrived at the flat the teenager shared with his single mother Donna in Stoke Newington at around 3pm this afternoon as anger grew over his TikTok videos going viral.

An official told MailOnline: ‘We have been looking for him for several days but every time we visited the property, he never turned up. We wanted to talk to Bakari about several things, including the video he posted. .

18-year-old Bakary Ogaro, known as ‘Miji’, from Hackney, north London, was upset when he entered a random family home last week.

‘He is very well known here and we have had to go to his house in the past to speak to him about his behaviour. We cannot go into any detail about the exact reason why we want to talk to him. I cannot say whether any further action will be taken.’

Outrage over the teenager’s behavior has grown in recent days, with more videos showing him harassing women on trains and in a park; walk into a library and destroy books; and riding an e-bike through Sainsbury’s when security guards tried to stop him.

Earlier today, former policeman Mark Williams-Thomas questioned why Mr Ogaro had not been prosecuted.

He said: ‘The Met Police now have enough evidence to arrest the vile and idiotic TiKTok/YouTuber ‘Mizzy'(Bacari Ogarro) for criminal damage and assault. He documented all his crimes so that it would help in a prosecution.’

Mr Ogaro’s TikTok account has been taken down.

His YouTube page, which has nearly 39,000 subscribers, was still live this morning.

It was disabled just after noon, with a message that it violated the platform’s terms of service.

In Mr. Ogaro’s last video posted yesterday, he bragged about how his videos have ‘taken off’ since his ‘Home Invasion’ video outrage.

And he said the criticism of his sick stunts is only helping him by generating more views and engagement.

Mr Ogaro has previously filmed himself approaching an elderly woman in the park before picking up her dog and running away

Another photo shows him visiting a local library and tearing up books in front of staff

In one clip, he climbs into the back of a man’s car saying ‘It’s my Uber’ before turning aggressive when asked to leave.

‘You guys are giving me what I want on social media. You’re commenting on these videos, catchy… it blows my mind,’ she says.

A friend then appears and says to the camera: ‘What you’re doing is helping our mission… It’s still reinforcing the narrative of the message we’re trying to convey… It’s a movement, bro’.

Mr Ogaro was previously arrested in London for harassing orthodox Jews, with a video showing him walking up to a man at a bus stop and attempting to jump him before placing his hand on his victim’s shoulder.

A second video shows him riding a bicycle wearing a traditional hat and saying, ‘Friends I am a Jew.’

MPs have joined the Met’s call for urgent action to stop him.

Labor MP Alex Davies-Jones said: ‘This content is disturbing and disturbing.

Another example of how we desperately need an online safety bill to hold social media platforms to account.

‘YouTube and TikTok seem happy to allow this irresponsible content to proliferate on their platforms. This is unacceptable.’

Mr Ogaro rides through Sainsbury’s on an e-bike (left) and is harassed by a brave woman telling him to ‘f**** off’

Susan Hall, Tory group leader in the London Assembly, said: ‘No legitimate social media platform should be hosting these thugs’ vile videos.

‘Please can you urgently inform the public what is being done to track down and arrest this criminal.’

On Sunday, the Met told the Express they were ‘aware of the footage circulating on social media and are investigating the situation’.

‘Officers are carrying out inquiries to locate and identify those involved.

‘We are keen to speak with any information that may help. Please contact the police on 101 or via @MetCC and quote CAD4160/16May.’

A TikTok spokesperson said: ‘Our community guidelines are clear that we prohibit content that promotes criminal activity. Regarding this issue, we have banned accounts for violating these guidelines.’

MailOnline contacted the Met.

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