Australia’s biggest names showcase the best and worst of fashion ahead of 2022

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The who’s who of the Australian music industry are set to light up Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion tonight to celebrate 12 months of fresh beats at the 2022 ARIA Awards.

And while the focus is on the music it also gives artists a chance to stun on the red carpet – with some missing the beat entirely, proving that even industry royalty doesn’t always hit the high notes.

Amarni, Eves Karydas, and TV host Justin Hill all pulled a little off – their looks landing them on the industry’s worst dressed list of the year’s most important night.

Justin Hill flapped his arms to reveal wing-like sleeves during his moment on the red carpet

Actor Hugh Sheridan turned on the red carpet on Thursday – but missed the beat with a wild look

Justin first performed completely flat on Thursday, confusing audiences with his fish-net waistband, ‘wings’ and nude pants.

The music show host, who fronted The Loop, was pleased with her outfit choice as she flapped her arms on the red carpet to show off a second set of open sleeves.

Amaroni finds himself at the top of the list with a very awkward outfit that makes him look like some kind of fan-fiction Red Riding Hood.

However, the singer was in love with the outfit as she posed on the red carpet showing off every angle from the waist-high slit at the side of the skirt to the g-string peeking out from the back.

Genesis Owusu looked out of place in her fishnet bodysuit and red, fluffy cape

Self-described ‘pop chanteuse’ Charli has found herself on the worst-dressed list with this awkwardly reimagined uniform that did nothing for the artist’s look.

TigerLily stunned in her aqua wig and matching glitter gown, holding her baby bump for photos

Hip hop singer Genesis Owusu ran late in the worst dressed as he took to the runway in a fishnet bodysuit, hockey gloves and black pants.

Adding more confusion to her outfit is finishing it off with a red fur-lined cape and bug-eyed glasses.

Hugh Sheridan also finished at the top of the worst list with his teary pink and purple ensemble. The actor paired oversized pants and jacket with a tight white T-shirt and purple boots but clashed on the red carpet as he posed for photographers.

Jaguar Jonze wanted to make a statement on the red carpet and did – with her ‘Rising Our Voice tote’, gag and matching shoe cuffs

Montagne’s dress, slip and shoes all appeared in this miss-matched ensemble with earrings adding another element of confusion.

Jules Robinson didn’t meet the brief with this sequin power suit which she paired with a whimsical floral necktie.

Self-described ‘pop chanteuse’ Charlie has found herself on the worst dressed list with this awkward reimagined uniform that did nothing for the artist’s look.

Jules Robinson still finds herself on the worst-dressed list after arriving in a sequin powersuit for the star-studded night. Montagu also fails to hit the mark in his glamorous attire of choice.

Hitmakers Flume confused the audience with their choice of clothing – one musician opted to wear short red shorts and a motorbike helmet, while another went as a fleshy razor-toothed blob.

Natalie Imbruglia tried her hand at the over-sized trend, wearing a bat-winged jacket that was short with other outfits on the runway.

Sarah Wolff opted for a skintight leotard for the occasion but her decision not to give the dress landed her on the worst dressed list.

Isabella Manfredi tried to hop on the Barbie-core band wagon with this bright pink dress but it washed her out

Rising pop sensation Nick Ward looked exhausted as he walked the red carpet in a shiny, oversized rainbow shirt and baggy pants.

Breakthrough music duo Cat & Calmel also found themselves on the worst-dressed list after adopting 2000s-style emo and goth outfits and matching black up-dos and heavy fringes.

Casey Donovan found herself on the worst dressed list after rocking a pink blazer with a pink top and heels – mixing things up by adding a yellow skirt.

Her makeup looks bright and hair perfect as she smiles for the camera, confident and comfortable with her chosen look.

Casey Donovan briefly landed on the worst dressed list with her even more method which included mixing three different shades of pink with a yellow skirt.

Sarah Wolff opted for a skintight leotard for the occasion but her decision not to give the outfit landed her on the worst dressed list.

The singer’s worm tattoo looked like it was poking out from under her thigh-high boots as she posed for photographers ahead of the awards.

Popstar Isabella Manfredi has been washed up after covering herself in a hot pink dress that appeared to be an awkward attempt at the Barbie-core trend.

Yves Carridas tops this Burberry number, which resembles a fake tattoo sleeve found at two-dollar stores across the country.

Pictured alongside music duo Kat and Calmel Up and up-and-coming pop singer Nick Ward – all three landed on this year’s worst dressed list as they posed on the red carpet

While Reagan Derry, Brittany Hockley and Dami Im, turned heads for all the right reasons – turning the word on the best looks of the evening.

Reagan, who rose to fame in the 11th season of Australian Idol’s fourth season, was the first person to turn heads on the red carpet for the right reasons.

Dressed in a figure-hugging nude and all-piece sequin gown, the hitmaker added floral earrings and wore her hair in a high pony to complete the look.

Tigerlily also beamed as she held her baby bump and smiled for the camera.

Reagan Derry hogs the spotlight in this incredible sequin gown, paired with floral earrings.

Dom Calarco stunned in this barely-there number, showing off her incredible body and pairing the dress with slicked-back beige locks.

Dami Im looked incredible in her whimsical gown, which featured a very long blue and yellow train

Brittany Hockley, who has been in the red-carpet spotlight since her debut on The Bachelor, was one of the best dressed of the night – gracing the red carpet in a well-fitting pink dress with a statement bow.

The author wore her hair out and matching earrings and finger ring.

Dom Calarco stunned in this barely-there number, showing off her incredible body and pairing the dress with back-swept beige locks.

Brittany Hockley looked cute in a pink mini dress with big bow detail which she paired with some black heels.

Angie Kent looked lovely in this short red dress, which she teamed with silver heels, while Amber Lawrence looked comfortable in her purple mini dress, which featured last season’s puff sleeve trend.

Missy Higgins wore a red and black pinstripe suit on the night – showing off her figure by adding a velvet crop top underneath

The Married At First Sight star wore a winged eyeliner and black sandals to finish off the incredible look.

Others have been seen melting into chaos, calling their appearance unremarkable or disturbing.

Emma Watkins, affectionately known as Emma Wiggle, was first on the red carpet in an unforgettable sequin number, which failed to live up to her reputation as a style icon.

Grace Pitts, better known as Grace, who lent her voice to Hayden James for his platinum-selling single “Numb,” looked dapper in her cut-away dress as she smiled for photographers.

Grace Pitts didn’t make the best or worst dressed list after wearing a giant cutaway dress that somehow dwarfed her figure.

Emma Watkins failed to land on both lists with her sequin dress and sparkly shoe combo, while new yellow wiggle Sey Hawkins stunned in a yellow top, topped off with sunflower shoes.

Christian Wilkins, pictured here with dad Richard, also failed to impress with his outfit – although his hair looked graceful as it fell around his shoulders.

Channel Nine reporter Britt Cohen wore a pretty pink Barbie-style gown while her colleague Brooke Bonney opted for a safe dark-grey number for the evening.

Greta Rae, the Love Me Right singer wore a chic silver and black dress, which didn’t make her look the best or the worst.

Next up was Christian Wilkins, who arrived with his father Richard, wearing sequin pants and a red jacket with his luscious locks falling loosely around his shoulders. And while her outfit definitely had a rock star vibe it also failed to land her on the best dressed list.

Channel Nine reporter Britt Cohen wore a pretty pink gown in Barbie fashion while her colleague Brooke Bonney opted for a safe dark-grey number for the evening.

The Sultan of Nassau also hit the red carpet in tight black jeans, a plain white T-shirt and heavy leather jacket, giving a salute to rock and roll as he paused to be snapped by the cameras.

Tones and I wore a black dress, breaking the monotony with fluro accessories including a fluffy hat.

Nasara’s Sultan looked like he was trying to channel his inner rockstar with this outfit and pose — but didn’t quite get the job done.

Open teal L8 wore her hair slicked back and looked comfortable in black for the event

Missy Higgins wore a pin-striped red and black suit over a stylish black crop top as she rocked up to the event.

Open ’til L8 looked dapper with his hair slicked back and opted to wear a black suit with statement shoes for the night.

Greta Ray smiled in her sleek sequined number that fell smoothly to the floor. While Kita Alexander showed off her toned body in a black two-piece with a gold chain around her stomach.

Tone and I dressed in black from the neck, adding a pair of giant sunglasses and a green fluffy hat to finish off the look.

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