Sledge reveals South Sydney Rabbitohs star Cody Walker attacked by Penrith Panthers coach

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REVEALED: Sleds who attacked Bunnies bad boy Cody Walker in sideline blast Penrith coach – Southerners blasted over incident: ‘It should never have happened’

Cody Walker and Penrith coach Pete Green had to part ways after the match after the Rabbitohs star was angered by some alleged sledgehammer verbal barbs directed at Southern player Jade Cartwright.

Rabbitohs star Cody Walker had to be separated from Penrith coach Pete Green after the pair engaged in a fiery verbal altercation following the Panthers’ 32-12 preliminary final win – and now the reason for their clash has emerged.

The five-eighth rabbit has often found himself in hot water for his fiery temper; But in this case South Sydney officials felt he was fully justified in his response to an alleged sledgehammer from Green during the encounter at Sydney’s Acre Stadium.

Frustrated Rabbitohs staff have pointed the finger at Green, who they believe targeted Souths second rower Jade Cartwright, who used to play for Penrith, with a series of verbal barbs, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Rabbitohs star Cody Walker (left) and Penrith coach Pete Green (right) get a verbal stoush after Sunday’s game; South COO Brock Schaeffer (center) steps in to defuse the situation — seen in the video below from the 56-second mark.

Reports claim Green has sledged Cartwright over a back injury during his time at his former club.

Walker took exception to this, confronting the Penrith coach after the siren in the fiery scene.

Rabbitohs teammates Cameron Murray and Davvy Moale, as well as the club’s COO Brock Schaeffer, had to get into the pair; When Green was escorted off the field by Panthers officials.

Cody Walker’s volatile temper was on full display in Sunday night’s game – but on this occasion Souths insisted he was not to blame.

Dodger Walker (right) gestures to the green on a sled that was directed to his teammate Jade Cartwright.

An unidentified Souths official condemned the Penrith coach for the fire scene.

The clubperson told the Herald: ‘When you’re in a privileged position, you should never talk to another player from the opposition about what’s been said.

It is the height of dishonour.’

The sledging incident is believed to have occurred in the 69th minute of the game after Cartwright tackled Penrith fullback Dylan Edwards.

Jade Cartwright (left) tackles Penrith fullback Dylan Edwards in a fiery tackle

Greene ran up to Edwards and was seen saying something to Cartwright’s direction in footage obtained by Channel 9.

Neither Green nor Walker have commented publicly on the matter, and the Rabbitohs have yet to lodge an official complaint with the NRL – although they are certainly upset about the matter.

During the match, Walker’s temper threatened to erupt on several occasions, at one point with commentator Andrew Voss commenting: ‘He’s got to be careful he doesn’t lose here.’

Cody Walker (back to camera) collides with Dylan Edwards during Sunday night’s game

Of course panthers and rabbits have a fiery recent history.

This is underscored by the fact that the Walker vs. Green brawl wasn’t even close to the most fiery of the evening.

A stunning high hit by south winger Tane Milne on Spencer Laneau was labeled ‘the worst shot you’ll ever see’ by Fox Sports commentator Breth Anastas.

Milne, who has a penchant for a bit of a high tackle, was immediately sent off for the offending tackle – a foul Leneuve tried to tackle him on the sideline.

The powerfully built Panther had to be restrained by multiple club officials – and physical violence is never the way to resolve these situations; He was well within his right to be angry about the shot.

Penrith’s Spencer Lenew high collected Tane Milne (No. 5) in the 63rd minute of Sunday’s preliminary final.

Penrith probably won’t be the least bit concerned about this allegation or the development of the story.

They are gearing up for a third consecutive grand final, and are set to take on arch-rivals Parramatta at Acre Stadium on Sunday night.

No doubt there will be plenty of fireworks in that encounter as well.

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