Rollercoaster crash amid new claims young woman fell from ride at Royal Melbourne Show

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EXCLUSIVE: Twist in rollercoaster tragedy as witnesses claim 26-year-old woman, fighting for her life, was not hit on track but fell off ride: ‘She went flying, loud bang’

A woman in her 20s was injured during a ride at the Royal Melbourne Show on Sunday.Paramedics rushed to the rebel coaster to treat her for serious facial injuries.Others were trapped on the ride after the rollercoaster shut down. Passengers claimed that the woman was on the ride when she was injured

Witnesses to a rollercoaster crash that left a woman, 26, fighting for her life claim she was on the ride.

Horrified families watched as chaos erupted on the Rebel Coaster on Sunday as paramedics treated the woman at the scene before she was taken to hospital in a critical condition for serious facial injuries.

On Monday, police claimed the woman was hit by the ride while trying to retrieve her mobile phone from the track at the Royal Melbourne Show.

A woman in her 20s has been hospitalized after being injured on a ride at the Royal Melbourne Show. Photo: Rebel Coasters at the Royal Melbourne Show

But witnesses cast doubt on the cause, claiming the young woman was on a rollercoaster.

‘She flew off the ride, loud. After a scream and hitting her on the ground very hard,’ an eyewitness said on social media.

‘I was standing right next to it when it happened. The poor girl is lying in a big pool of blood because the response to the treatment was so slow!’

‘My daughter was there too and they called Crimestoppers because they thought she fell off the ride too,’ wrote another.

Ride passengers were stranded on top of the rollercoaster for several hours after the ride shut down.

An eyewitness, who was standing next to the ride, claimed that the police claim that the woman was retrieving a phone was not correct.

‘I didn’t see him walk or get on the track at all, we saw him fly off the ride, where he landed and how he landed was not consistent with the injury,’ one woman claimed.

‘Not from what we’ve seen. We were standing right next to the ride when the incident happened.’

The witness had taken his young son in the car shortly before the accident.

‘We saw him fall off the ride, (heard) screams and the crack of his impact on the ground. My husband was one of the first on the scene. We were standing right next to it when it happened,’ she said.

In a statement issued by Victoria Police, investigators claimed the woman ‘may have’ walked onto the tracks to try to retrieve a dropped phone.

‘Tragically the woman was then found on the ground with her injuries,’ police said.

Others on the ride were trapped on top of the rollercoaster for some time and the ride stopped immediately

A woman is in a critical condition after a tragic rollercoaster incident in Melbourne

A passenger complained that they were forced to carry their personal belongings on board.

‘They made you take your belongings with you! I went on Friday and they made me take my bag and bottle of coke. I was afraid I was going to drop something,’ the woman said.

‘You had no choice. I was on it today and had to take my sunglasses and hold them very tightly. They should have had lockers,’ said another.

A spokesperson for The Royal Melbourne Show told Daily Mail Australia it was working with authorities to determine how the tragedy happened.

‘We are working closely with the ride operator, WorkSafe Victoria and Victoria Police to investigate the matter further, but we can confirm that no one fell from the ride,’ it said.

‘The ride in question will be closed for the foreseeable future and will be updated as information comes to hand.

‘The inspector has been taken to hospital for further assessment.

‘The safety and well-being of our audience at the show is our number one priority.’

The family-friendly event runs from September 19 to 29 after being canceled the last two years due to the Covid pandemic.

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