Melbourne woman Shaylah Roden, 26, fighting for life after mystery rollercoaster show tragedy

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Melbourne woman Shayla Roden has been identified as the victim of a tragic rollercoaster crash that left her life in a tight grip.

Ms Roden, 26, remains in an intensive care unit after suffering ‘horrendous’ injuries in the crash, which is under investigation.

Her father, Alan Roden, told Daily Mail Australia that mystery surrounds how Shyla came to bereavement.

Shaylah Roden was seriously injured in a rollercoaster crash in Melbourne on Sunday

Shyla Roden and her sister Keisha in happy times. Shayla is fighting with her life in the hospital

A woman in her 20s has been hospitalized after being injured on a ride at the Royal Melbourne Show. Photo: Rebel Coasters at the Royal Melbourne Show

‘There are so many stories going around and I don’t know which ones are true and if anyone is covering their tracks,’ he said.

On Monday, police claimed Shaylah was hit by the ride while trying to retrieve her mobile phone from the track at the Royal Melbourne Show.

However, eyewitnesses to the tragedy claimed that he was on board.

Terrified families watched as chaos erupted on the Rebel Coaster on Sunday as paramedics treated Shayla for serious facial injuries at the scene before taking her to hospital in a critical condition.

Mr Roden suggested his daughter had suffered a life-changing injury.

‘Of course I can’t talk to my daughter. He is going to be in a coma for quite some time,’ he said.

‘The injury is terrible. terrible His brain is damaged. It’s the pelvis, his arms, his legs, his back, his neck – there’s not a single thing that isn’t broken. I don’t understand how so much damage was done.

‘Even the doctors said they had never seen anything this bad.’

Shyla Roden was working on the show when she apparently decided to go on a rollercoaster during a break

Shaylah Roden is fighting for her life after a tragic rollercoaster crash in Melbourne

Shyla Roden broke almost every bone in her body in the tragic accident

Sheila’s sister Keisha Roden told Daily Mail Australia her sister was working on the show.

‘Sheila was actually working there. He was helping his friend at his stall for the day and he was sent on his break with another worker and they decided to go on a few rides to pass the time and this unfortunately happened,’ he said.

Keisha has hit out at cruel trolls who hit social media to mock her terminally ill sister.

‘To see false stories and cover ups while my sister is fighting for her life is so sad and disgusting,’ Kaysha said.

While police maintain that Shayla was trying to retrieve her phone, some witnesses claim she was on a rollercoaster.

‘She flew off the ride, loud. After a scream and hitting her on the ground very hard,’ an eyewitness said on social media.

‘I was standing right next to it when it happened. The poor girl is lying in a big pool of blood because the response to the treatment was so slow!’

‘My daughter was there too and they called Crimestoppers because they thought she fell off the ride too,’ wrote another.

Ride passengers were stranded on top of the rollercoaster for several hours after the ride shut down.

Others on the ride were trapped on top of the rollercoaster for some time and the ride stopped immediately

An eyewitness, who was standing next to the ride, claimed that the police claim that the woman was retrieving a phone was not correct.

‘I didn’t see him walk or get on the track at all, we saw him fly off the ride, where he landed and how he landed was not consistent with the injury,’ one woman claimed.

‘Not from what we’ve seen. We were standing right next to the ride when the incident happened.’

The witness had taken his young son in the car shortly before the accident.

‘We saw him fall off the ride, (heard) screams and the crack of his impact on the ground. My husband was one of the first on the scene. We were standing right next to it when it happened,’ she said.

In a statement issued by Victoria Police, investigators claimed the woman ‘may have’ walked onto the tracks to try to retrieve a dropped phone.

‘Tragically the woman was then found on the ground with her injuries,’ police said.

A woman is in a critical condition after a tragic rollercoaster incident in Melbourne

A passenger complained that they were forced to carry their personal belongings on board.

‘They made you take your belongings with you! I went on Friday and they made me take my bag and bottle of coke. I was afraid I was going to drop something,’ the woman said.

‘You had no choice. I was on it today and had to take my sunglasses and hold them very tightly. They should have had lockers,’ said another.

A spokesperson for The Royal Melbourne Show told Daily Mail Australia it was working with authorities to determine how the tragedy happened.

Speaking to ABC Mornings host Virginia Trioli on Monday, show CEO Brad Jenkins declined to say whether there was a fence around the ride or how high that fence was.

‘I can’t comment specifically on that particular ride,’ he said. ‘There [are] Operators scaled down at every ride.’

A video posted on YouTube from the ride at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2021 shows a fence no higher than 1.5 meters around the ride.

Mr Jenkins maintained Shayla had gone to retrieve his phone when he was struck.

‘From all reports he went to retrieve his phone. It’s a glitch or whatever,’ he said.

He wouldn’t say exactly how he got on track.

Victoria Police and WorkSafe are investigating the incident.

Anyone who witnesses this should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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