Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey melts down as Bills lose 21-19 to Miami Dolphins

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Meltdown in Miami: Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey’s late comeback attempt fizzled against the Dolphins when Buffalo failed to get the ball before the final whistle.

After Buffalo’s 21-19 loss to the Miami Dolphins, Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey was in complete disarray.

The moment was caught on camera by Bill Booth and of course went viral on social media.

As the game clock hit zero, Dorsey was seen slamming down his headset and throwing every play sheet and notebook within arms reach.

Dorsey is in his first year as Bills offensive coordinator after Brian Dabble stepped down to become head coach of the New York Giants.

Dorsey threw on his headset and began hitting every play sheet and note book within arms reach before covering the camera.

Offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey looks on during pregame warmups before the Bills play Miami

Given the onset of Dorsey’s rant, the culprit would be Bills receiver Isaiah McKenzie.

McKenzie was guilty of poor clock management during the final drive of the game that forced the Bills to lose.

After a reception as Buffalo attempted to get into field goal range, McKenzie tried to scramble to gain extra yardage but ended up costing his team precious seconds. The game clock hit zero as quarterback Josh Allen drove his team to the line of scrimmage to attempt one final snap.

Isaiah McKenzie celebrates scoring a touchdown during the Bills’ loss to the Dolphins

Long before his rise to coaching, Dorsey became well-known among football fans during his college days, when he became the winningest quarterback in Herald University program history for the Miami Hurricanes.

Despite a highly successful college career, Dorsey was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the seventh round, after he fell due to concerns about his arm strength.

After playing just a handful of games in his two seasons with the 49ers, Dorsey was eventually traded to the Cleveland Browns. His Browns career did not go well, as he spent most of his years in Cleveland before being released in 2009.

He would go on to sign for the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League, where he would serve as the backup QB for one season before retiring.

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