Years before her mysterious death, Georgia’s mother posted gruesome photos on Facebook with a black eye

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A Georgia woman killed under mysterious circumstances, naked and burned, posted a series of selfies on Facebook in December 2020, long before she disappeared and was found in a wooded ravine.

Debbie Collier posted the pictures on Facebook on an account she apparently shares with her husband Steve and said she was ‘a face planted on a concrete pavement’.

The real estate office manager, 59, was found naked by sheriff’s deputies clinging to a tree a day after she disappeared from the modest home she shared with husband Steven, 67, in Athens, Georgia, 60 miles away. Various parts of his body were burnt.

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department reportedly confirmed that they do not have records of any domestic calls involving Collier or her husband or made to their addresses.

The gruesome pictures show scrapes and bruises around her right eye and on her forehead and were posted with the caption ‘Look what I’ve done to myself.’ She also said that there is no makeup on her right eye in the picture.

The gruesome pictures show scraps and bruises around Debbie Collier’s right eye in December 2020, which she said she got after planting her face on concrete.

Debbie Collier posted the photos on Facebook to an account she apparently shares with her husband Steve.

Collier’s cause of death has not been released, nor is it publicly known whether he died in the valley or was taken there after the murder.

Horrifyingly, just hours before his death, he sent his daughter Amanda Bearden $2,385 via the payment app Venmo with a chilling last message.

It read: ‘They won’t let me go, love you There’s a house key in a blue vase by the door.’

A few feet away is a large uprooted tree. Some of the roots are burnt. Forensic gloves near a piece of paper and what appears to be a strip of a book cover.

And that’s where the trail of pieces of tape ended.

The site was about 25 feet from the road and as we followed the path of the murderer or murderers the sounds of vehicles could clearly be heard passing by.

Collier’s cause of death has not been released. Nor is it publicly known whether he died in the canyon or was taken there after the murder.

Debbie showed no signs of personal problems or anxiety at work, shocked staff at her real estate office told

Yellow crime scene tape is strewn every three to five feet around Tallulah Falls leading to where Debbie Collier’s body was discovered.

Forensic gloves near a piece of paper and what appears to be a strip of a book cover

A 15-minute hike through piles of dead leaves and wood leads downhill to a site where’s reporter spotted part of a tree that had been cut down.

An employee at Carriage House Realty in Athens, where he was the front office manager, said: ‘We are all completely shocked by what has happened.

‘Debbie was here for seven or eight years. We are still taking it,” added the staff member, who did not want to be named. ‘He never talked about any personal problems in his life.’

In another twist, can reveal that police found the Pacifica – rented from Enterprise by the mother as her own car was being repaired – unlocked and empty on the side of an old logging road at 5pm the previous day.

But empty cars were regularly spotted at the site, according to reports.

According to a case report obtained by, Collier’s husband called Athens-Clarke County police an hour before she went missing.

The next day, the vehicle was located with a missing person search at 12:28 p.m.

After various officers arrived on scene, the sheriff’s office incident report reads: ‘Deputy Forrester deployed his nationally certified tracking (human scent) K9 Zane.

It is not clear what happened in the early hours of September 10, but concerned family reported him as a missing person after a cryptic message to his daughter in the afternoon.

‘They won’t let me go, love you there’s a house key in a blue vase by the door,’ read a Venmo message sent to her daughter Amanda Bearden, pictured right.

According to a missing persons report filed a day before Collier was found, the mother sent her daughter, Amanda Bearden, a chilling last message via the app Venmo sending her $2,385.

In an incident report obtained by, officers described finding ‘a naked woman lying on her back, clutching a small tree with her right hand’ in a heavily wooded area.

‘He cast around the driver’s side door of the car and hit the timber line on what appeared to be a timber road.

‘They struck casting for smelt about 50 yards north-east, could not establish a track, then cast south-southeast. Jane was able to establish a track south to southeast of Tallulah Gorge and away from GA 15.’

Officers and the K9 continued tracking for about a quarter of a mile in that direction where they soon found ‘a red tote bag’ near an uprooted tree and ‘what appeared to be fire residue.’

Further down the embankment they saw a ‘blue object that looked like a tarp’.

As they approached, Deputy Forrester noticed a tan object about 10 to 15 feet down a hill, ‘that he could tell was a human body as he got closer,’ the report said.

Officers described ‘a naked woman lying on her back, clutching a small tree with her right hand’ and immediately identified her as ‘obviously dead, and identified her as Collier.’

The report said, ‘The remains were apparently burnt with what appeared to be a scar on his stomach’.

The report also states that daughter Amanda arrived on the scene and joined officers on the side of the Pacifica ‘in a hysterical state.’

‘Bearden started yelling that the car was his mother’s,’ it said. The Athens police notified him of the location after a SiriusXM ping.

Sergeant Neal and Officer Dakota Foster spoke to the distraught daughter ‘about Collier’s mental health condition and briefly about her medical history’.

Collier was found 60 miles from the modest home she shared with husband Steven, 67, in Athens, Georgia.

Collier’s husband, Steven, reported her missing at 6pm on September 10, saying he had not seen her since 9pm the previous night.

The gruesome discovery of Collier’s naked and charred body was made near Tallulah Gorge Falls.

Bearden said his mother had no history of mental health problems and denied suicidal tendencies. He also said that his mother had a bad back and could not walk far’.

In the missing persons report, Steven Collier told police he had not seen Debbie since 9pm on September 9 and they slept in separate bedrooms ‘because of her snoring’.

She said the Pacifica was still in the driveway of their home when she left for work the next morning.

According to the report, Collier sent the money to her daughter via Venmo at 3:17 p.m. And about the chilling accompanying message, it said: ‘Amanda said the message scared her and made her worry about her mother, so she tried to call her but she didn’t pick up.

‘Amanda also stated that her mother took nothing with her except her driver’s license and debit card.’

Police have ruled Collier’s death a homicide but have not released any further details, including the names of possible suspects.

Police looking for the killer or killers say there is no evidence that Collier was abducted despite cryptic texts from his daughter Amanda. They also said there was no evidence that Collier committed suicide.

The Habersham County Sheriff’s Office added that officers ‘executed several search warrants at locations associated with the victim and conducted preliminary interviews with those closest to the victim.’

Debbie Collier’s body has been taken to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab for an autopsy, a statement said. But no report of the results has been published, it added.

The GBI told it was not involved in the investigation.

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