TikTok Food Trend: Butter Board is taking the world by storm

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Forget cheese platters, ‘butter boards’ are the latest food trend to take the world by storm – so what should you try?

The new TikTok food trend is the art of spreading butter on a board The butter board is garnished with a variety of toppings and eaten as a dip

The hot new food trend taking over TikTok is a ‘butter board’ – a whimsical grazing-style dish that’s spread with clarified butter and served as a dip or spread.

The dish requires good quality butter – cold but not hard – smeared on a board using a palette knife.

Diners tried endless combinations of toppings to decorate their boards, including edible flowers and figs, honey, nuts and herbs, and feta with dried tomatoes.

Justine Doron (@justine_snacks) started the butter board trend after uploading her now-viral video to TikTok.

The board is easy to make, and can be an easy snack, appetizer, or even an artful addition to a dinner party spread.

American-based recipe developer Justin Doiron (@justine_snacks) is said to have started the trend first.

He posted the original video on TikTok on September 16 with the caption, ‘I like it I don’t know, I’m in a stupid stupid butter mood’.

The video has been viewed 7.8 million times since its release.

There are now thousands of results for #butterboard on the sharing platform.

One of the latest Aussie foodies to use the Butter Board is digital foodie creator Michael Finch who lives on the Gold Coast.

New variations of the butter board have already been created, including a Middle Eastern-inspired labneh board, a desi chaat board and a whipped cream cheese board.

Another foodie, Nydia Eddy (@foodmymuse) cheekily tagged Justin Doiron in her butter board effort, commenting:

‘I’ll just say you’re a wicked genius and my butter loving heart thank you.’

Other fans expressed their excitement about the recipe under Justin’s post.

‘love this idea, fancy butter for life’, ‘omg my life has changed’.

Justin shocked the internet when he blew up his butter board recipe

From edible flowers to dried tomatoes, a delicious array of toppings have been used by foodies to adorn butter boards.

The dish replaced numerous trends that came before it, including cheese boards, dessert boards, snack boards, and fruit boards.

However, not all foodies were happy with the recipe as a sharing board.

‘I love it. But… I’d rather throw this board away than try to wash it.’

Butter boards can be eaten as a dip or spread using good quality bread

‘During covid everyone wear gloves, mask and stay 6 feet apart. Now we’re sharing the table with bite-sized meals and scraping butter on the same plate’.

‘No thanks I don’t believe in double dippers. I’ll do it for myself though.’

‘I don’t believe most people don’t wash their hands properly or double dip, but it would definitely be nice to be single or with a significant other.’

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