Chris Sutton: It wasn’t something that made you think England would win the World Cup

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Chris Sutton: Lack of courage and confidence is hurting the team.. It wasn’t the kind of performance that makes you think England are going to win the World Cup

England have been relegated from the Nations League after Italy manager Gareth Southgate’s side lacked rhythm and consistency. The Three Lions won’t win the World Cup England looked more dangerous playing teams off the pitch trying to play on the counter-attack Click here for all the latest World Cup 2022 news and updates

If the performance was what Gareth Southgate wanted, it wasn’t. It wasn’t the kind of performance that makes you think as a fan that England are going to win the World Cup.

When Southgate played the big team, he would go with a back three but it was all dull. Whether the previous results played on their minds, I’m not sure but there was a real lack of rhythm and consistency.

They didn’t flow overnight. Neither side did. It’s amazing to think that these two were the best teams on the continent when they went to the finals of the Euros last year.

England manager Gareth Southgate’s side looked without rhythm and consistency against Italy

England won’t win in Qatar playing teams off the field and they certainly look more threatening on the counter.

On the plus side, Phil Foden and Jude Bellingham showed some really nice touches. Bellingham deserves his chance.

He always wanted to get forward with the ball and break the line but England didn’t get him close to the ball enough. They will need courage and desire to thrive on the field in Qatar.

Phil Foden was a bright spark for England as he showed some good moments for England

Another positive was that England didn’t miss too many big chances. Eric Deere came in and looked reassured. Bukayo Saka was an interesting call to start at left back.

It’s difficult to get to the other end of the pitch and I’m not saying he’s not capable but it was a trial by the manager that didn’t work out the way he wanted.

I think the argument is that England are fine defensively but with the World Cup only two months away, are they playing with enough guts and confidence?

It’s not heavy metal football but it never was under Gareth. Do we just have to accept it?

Typical winger Bukayo Saka made his debut for England as a left-wing back

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