Amelia Hamlin goes dark in very revealing jeans as she struts her stuff on the runway

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Amelia Hamlin has had several memorable moments while working the runway over the past few days at Milan Fashion Week.

But she’ll make her biggest splash when she flaunts her stuff in a pair of unique light blue denim jeans that are designed with a backless design that showcases almost her entire rear.

‘My butt had its first cameo… thanks only to you @Giulianocalza @gcdswear @shaunbeyen @charlielemindu,’ Hamlin captioned the video posted on Instagram.

Cheeky: Amelia Hamlin, 20, made a splash as she walked the Giuliano Calza fashion show for GCDS in backless denim pants during Milan Fashion Week

One of a kind: The unique denim pants were a story of two sides

While walking for Italian fashion designer Giuliano Calza, Hamlin reached into each of the back pockets of the other models used to showcase the new GCDS collection.

From the front, the light blue jeans looked sleek and sharp as she incorporated a white tank top and matching heels on the runway.

Within seconds, heads were turning and cameras were shooting as Hamlin walked past the live audience to reveal the story of both sides of the pants.

Literally, the back half of the jeans was missing, except for some fabric just above her derriere and five small strands of bling used to attach each leg, from the bottom of her butt cheeks to her ankles.

Revealed: Hamlin described the style of the pants as ‘very business-like at a backstage party’ when he shared the clip on his Instagram Story.

Making a splash: With her hands in both pockets, the catwalk queen turned heads as she walked past the live audience with her backside and derriere almost on display

If Calza sees an ‘it’ moment that gets people talking: then mission accomplished.

As the catwalk queen walked down the runway, so were the eyes of every person attending the show with camera in hand.

After that, there will be a few different clips of Hamlin walking, posted on his Instagram Stories where he describes the pants as ‘very businesslike at the party in front of @gcdswear.’

She shared a healthy dose of gratitude for being included in the show by writing: ‘@Giulianocalza thank you so much I love you.’

Baby’s Back: The back half of the jeans were missing, except for some fabric just above her derriere, and five tiny blings were used to attach each leg, from the bottom of her butt cheeks to her ankles.

Calza co-founded GCDS, which stands for ‘God Can’t Destroy Streetwear’, in 2015 with his brother Giordano. He has since worked as the head designer and creative director of a luxury streetwear fashion label.

Hamlin also shared a photo of herself in a denim outfit consisting of low-slung distressed denim jeans and a matching tube top.

Delighted to have fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a catwalk queen, she once again shared her gratitude for being included in the show in Milan, Italy.

‘What’s going on in my life I’m just so grateful rn [right now] I can’t talk,’ she stammered.

Healthy dose of gratitude: Hamlin delighted to add Giuliano Calza fashion show for GCDS and Glenn Martens for Diesel

Dreams come true: Fashion model admits lining up ‘dream show’ as she walks for Martens and Diesel

Working it: For the Marten show, Hamlin wore a matching tube top combo with distressed denim jeans and matching heels.

Hamlin posted multiple photos and a video of herself in that distressed denim jeans-tube top combo on Instagram, only this time she thanked Belgian fashion designer Glenn Martens and Diesel.

‘What. Just happened. This is my life and there is no way this just happened. are you kidding me!??? Thank you forever. It has been my dream come true. I can’t breathe. I love you. Thank you,’ Hamlin said with obvious emotion in his words.

She continued, ‘Thank you for believing in me, thank you for including me in your vision I am eternally grateful @glennmartens @twodadstwokids @diesel I still need to gather my words.. Glenn, I am your biggest fan. You have inspired me more than you can imagine. Thank you, thank you thank you. Somebody pinch me.’

Playful: The model and her stylist got playful with the cameras before hitting the runway

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