Emily Sande is engaged! The singer revealed girlfriend Yona Karemova popped the question

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Emily Sande is engaged! Singer reveals girlfriend Yona Karimova popped the question – six months after coming out as LGBTQ

Emeli Sande has revealed that he is engaged to girlfriend Yona Karemova.

The 35-year-old singer announced the news on Wednesday, showing off her glittering ring as she revealed: ‘I said yes!’

The happy news comes six months after he was part of the LGBT community and announced his same-sex relationship with Yona.

I said yes! Emeli Sande revealed on Wednesday that she is engaged to Yona Karemova after her girlfriend popped the question six months after the singer came out as LGBTQ.

This will be Emily’s second marriage. She was previously married to marine biologist Adam Gouraguin.

The couple went their separate ways in 2014 after dating for over a decade and exchanging vows in 2012.

When asked if she now considers herself bisexual, Emily said in March: ‘I’m not sure what I identify as but I guess so. I think I should fall in love with whoever I fall in love with.’

Emeli met Yona while studying classical music and recently admitted she is ‘happier than ever’ in the relationship.

In May, Emily admitted that their relationship hasn’t always been a fairytale, as she detailed their unique way of arguing.

Cute couple: Emeli met Yona while studying classical music and recently admitted she’s ‘happier than ever’ in the relationship (pictured 15 Sep)

With both stars professional musicians, they settle their differences through music – passive aggressively playing music loudly on separate pianos in separate rooms.

He told the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden: ‘Sometimes we have a little musical argument without a word.

‘There’s a piano in the basement, one upstairs, so it’s a full-on piano-off. He’s a classical pianist — he usually wins. But I got my point across.’

Emily told the Guardian’s G2 about her romance with Yona: ‘I think people made more stories about it because I fell in love with a woman. But for me, being in love on this level, that’s the story. I have definitely never felt this depth of love’.

She added that she feels ‘torn’ because she knows many people can’t be as open about their sexuality as she is.

Emily said of her feelings: ‘I definitely hope that I can help someone else feel empowered to do the same. But I probably need to find out a bit more.’

The clown hitmaker added: ‘It’s all about answering how I feel. I can breathe out. I love music.

Old times: Emelie confirmed her divorce from marine biologist Adam Gouraguin, whom she met while studying at Glasgow University in 2014 after just two years of marriage (pictured in 2012)

‘And you know, I love that an album is coming out – but I finally know that, beyond that, I can find happiness.’

Emily revealed their relationship in a sweet Instagram post on April 2, admitting that her ‘soulmate’ gave her the ‘strength she needed’.

Posting a loved-up photo of the pair, the Next To Me singer wrote: ‘I’m so lucky to have found my soulmate Yona, she’s an amazing woman! Falling in love with her gave me the strength I needed!

‘It feels so good to be in love and I feel happier than ever. I am deeply touched by all your messages of love and support. Thank you very much for your acceptance and kind regards.

‘It feels like a huge weight has been lifted, here’s a new beginning of truth and happiness,’ she concluded the caption.

In love: Their public outing as a couple comes as Emily admits she is ‘happier than ever’ with her girlfriend

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